You are a young wizard and need a book to pass your incantations class, but the magic library is closing in 5 minutes! Get your book and get out before times runs out or you make so much noise you are kicked out. 

Arrow keys to move around around. That's it!

The theme for this Jam was silence so I wanted to create a game where your resource was silence. It's cliche, but silence mostly thought about in a library so it seemed like the right location for the game to take place. 

This was my third game and I wanted to incorporate sound for the first time. The theme made for an opportunity to focus on sound effects as a central part of the game. Each action creates noise and you must be careful with it. Additionally I wanted to experiment with the original gameboy resolution of 160x144 pixels. It's very limiting and I had to zoom out to make the maze portion easier. 

I also wanted to push my coding skills a bit more. This game included bumping off off walls instead of simply colliding with them and a small riddle UI menu which was new territory for me. This took longer to get right than I would care to admit. Text boxes were also a challenge and I didn't get them quite correct before time ran out. 

Character sprites by Lanea Zimmerman found on The floor sprite art from Ayene-chan found on Sound effects from and All other work and coding done by me, Mike Castro. Created for the GDL January Jam - Silence


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