Solve matchstick puzzles and collect different matchboxes. Can you solve them all?

 Made for Weekly Game Jam #55. Theme: 'Got a Match?'

There should only be one solution for each puzzle. If you find an alternative solution, or any bugs, please let me know.  I plan to add more levels, but if you have an idea for a level, tweet me here, or leave a comment below.  


Development log


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Really nice music. :)
Cool main menu, too!
A key to reset the current level would be nice. And I'd prefer the moved match at its original size and show up at the targeted slot ghosted or something, I think.

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Thank you for playing and for the feedback. I think you're right about the matchstick size and made it bigger. Also added a slight skew to the stick when picked up. There is a reset button at the bottom right corner of each level. I have it called out on the first level. 

Ha! See? I had the feeling there was something like this, but I tried all keys and nothing happened. I also thought the characters shown in the bottom right menu could be pressed to invoke the action. I saw it now, but I kinda ignored/forgot it immediately the last time and never moved the mouse around to look for hidden menus. ;)

cool idea, got stuck when I made 3 squares.


The idea is to make 3 square without loose ended matches sticking out (Those two matches at the top.) It's my fault for not making that clear in the description. I'll update the description so it's more clear.