Have you ever looked into a fish pond, saw some coins, and wanted to go grab them to start your own fish empire? Great! Then this game is for you. Feed fish and collect coins. Grow your tank as large as possible but watch out, your greed can attract witches who will want to devour you fish friends.

Controls: Left-mouse click. That's it!

Scavenger Fish was made over two and a half days for Mini-Jam 3.   ( Submissions were constrained to using the same sprite sheet and and tile set. No other visuals were allowed. The theme was salvage and darkness.  Sound Effects created using BFXR. Music by Chris Collins,

Because of the time constrain, I was unable to fully play test the final version. I think the final version it too hard.  After the jam I will lower the progression cost to increase the pacing of the game. 

The idea of salvage, taking a thing and making it better, seemed to fit into a clicker-style game.  The restrictive sprites had some fish characters and tile sets that I thought would do well with an aquarium theme. The player must collect coins to progress and is restricted by the darkness of the tank. Fish don't like the dark, so you need to buy them lights. 

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