Arrow keys to move.
[R] to restart level.

Art and programing by Hugging Cactus
Sound FX:

Made withGameMaker: Studio

Development log


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Rad game dude, I've been bringing game jam games lately and had a great time with this one

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Puzzle is my jam, i like it :) simple but efficient !

Alos, I reeeeeally hope you recorded the "Yi-ha" sfx ... doubt it, but it would be awesome, just saying.

Im sorry but I didn't record the yee-haw :'( I use for sound effects. Great little site. 

Really fun game!  I enjoy puzzles like this.  Really nicely done.

Thank you so much!

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really fun way better than the game i wanted to make myself

Thanks man.


Ooohhh, fun puzzle! I like the kind of puzzle which is easy to understand yet challenging. The difficulties for each levels feels good too. (Or how should I say it? "Good balance"?)

The thank you page is something else, imho. :)) Piling hats really, really high feels kinda fun.

Great job! :D


I really liked this game, played it all the way through. Level 9 in particular was quite tough! Other than level 9 being harder than 10, progression felt solid. Really liked the puzzle mechanic, especially when you added in the thicker ice.

Felt like the wizard didn't really look too wizard-like. I get that the top is a hood, but a more typical pointy wizards hat might have been more clear on the scale you're working with. Also could have done some robe bottoms.

Could really use some simple sound effects and music.


Thanks! I'll add some SFX and Music.