This is my 5th finished game. I was inspired to make this game during one of my runs. Thank you for playing!

A game by Hugging Cactus.  
Music by


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interesting idea although since its binary choices you can just spam click to win. also now i want to know what exactly happened at the Christmas party lol. reminds me of the louie ck animation short.

It's not the fastest speed game by the actual speed you're going, but still you need to be fast. It's not always easy to make the right decisions, you have to be able to read the feelings just by those short thoughts. I liked the music and overall it's a well-made little game.

I'd love to invite this game to take part in our Game Development World Championship!

I've slowed down the stamina decay by 1/3rd to give the player more time to read/think. Thank you for the feedback. I'll be sure to check out GDWC. 

Okay, that sounds good then and hanks for checking out!

Lol, I really didn't expect that JUMP! :D
I really like this idea. The simplicity of the whole thing and the nice execution is really beautiful.
The music is not really my thing, probably because IT IS SO LOUD! XD
But the game is really cool nonetheless! :)

Thank you! I was a little worried about the sound being too loud. You've confirmed my fears. I've updated game with volume adjustment buttons. 

Cool changes. I made it though the whole game now. I like the overall message and it was a nice overall experience. :thumbsupiconthatprobablydoesntexist:

good game! simple idea but great execution.for some reason the meter just stops filling up at the end.

Thank you! It's a very simple game I managed to program very poorly.